About me

Hi, I‘m Vicente González

UI/UX designer & Frontend dev

I‘m a UI/UX designer with over twelve years experience as web designer & frontend developer, conceptualizing and crafting digital products, helping businesses and non-profits expand their capacity for impacting on the digital world.

My core skills lie in the intersection of design and technology, which means that I’m skilled in designing digital experiences with an interactive and data-driven approach, but I’m also comfortable communicating with the development team to solve more technical problems.

I enjoy working on projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding society and the environment, in addition to the business in question. On a team level, I strive to work with individuals who have different backgrounds and different cultures, because I genuinely believe that diverse teams produce the best results.

If you have a great idea to develop and you think that I would be a great fit to your team as a freelance consultant UI/UX designer, feel free to contact me or LinkedIn, and let’s talk about it!

Or, if you’re a fellow designer or developer, let’s connect on. I’m always looking for talented people to work on projects together and to share knowledge related to design.

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Product design - cv
Product Design - CV


bbg bitbase group GmbH 

* UI/UX Product Designer / Sep 2022 – Present
  • • Develop a Design System for a Enterprise Bussines Product (Kameon Claud Services).
  • • UX/UI Design for App in Android & iOS ecosystem.
  • • Motions Graphics design & micro-animations

EasyPermit (Startup)

* UI/UX Analyst & Designer / June 2021 – Ago 2022
  • • Design and implementation of a Design System for App in Android & iOS ecosystem
  • • Branding concept design
  • • Landig product web design
  • • Motions Graphics design & micro-animations
* Digital Lead & Product Designer / July 2016 – Dec 2018
  • • Develop a Design System for eCommerce ecosystem
  • • Web design
  • • Branding concept design
  • • Product web design
  • • Product concept design

Freelance consultant

* Freelance UX/UI Product Designer & Frontend Web Developer / Since Aug 2017
  • • Develop a Design System for Enterprise Bussines Product
  • • Design & develop comercial webs
  • • SPA developer using REACT, Redux, Javascript, Laravel, PHP
  • • eCommerce CMS developer (WordPress, Shopify, Magento)

Computer Science Department,
Universidad de Oriente

* Assistant professor and researcher, UX/UI Designer &
Web Development Instructor / Sep 2013 – June 2017
  • • Assistant professor in the department of educational technology and applied informatics.
  • • Development of databases, OLTP and OLAP systems.
  • • Management of development teams as Team Leader Research of the latest advances in cybersecurity
    to implement web security.
  • • Development and maintenance of local systems administration.
  • • Development of web and mobile applications with horizontal scalability.
  • • Elaboration of technical documentation of the implemented architecture.
  • • Organized software development in agile methodologies projects.
  • • Design of user interfaces and web design with HTML and CSS.
  • • Working with different databases and back-end and front-end contexts. Handling of content
    management systems such as WordPress and Prestashop.
  • • Participation in open source projects.


Computer Science and Technology 

* Master degree, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain / Sep 2021 – 2022

Audiovisual Creation and Animation

* Specialization degree, National Registry of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Creators (RECAC), Havana, Cuba / Aug 2018 

UX/UI Design applied to digital environments

* Master Degree, Higher Institute of Industrial Design (ISDI), Havana, Cuba. / Jan 2018 

Advanced Web Development

* Specialization degree, Universidad de Oriente, Cuba / May 2017

Informational Graphic Design

* Master Degree, Higher Institute of Industrial Design (ISDI), Havana, Cuba. / Jun 2015

Skills & Tools

Techniques and approaches

UX/UI Design / User Research / Info-architecture / Graphic Design / Prototyping / Usability Analytics / Responsive Web Design / Material Design / Atomic Design / Agile UX / Lean UX / Sprint Design 2.0 / Scrum / Agile Management

UI/UX tools

Figma / Adobe XD / Sketch

Creative Tools

Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesing / Affter Effects / Corel Draw / AutoCAD


React / Vue.js / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / Bootstrap / Visual Studio Code / Webflow.


Python / NodeJS / PHP / C # / Java.

CMS development

WordPress / Shopify / Magento / PrestaShop

Data Base

MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB


industrial design awards
Habana, Cuba
Product design
Habana, Cuba