Ron Siglo 1/2


CubaRon S.A.


July 2014

My Role

Lead Designer

  • Luis Isolino Losada Losada – Industrial Engineer
  • Victor Montoya Torres – Graphics Designer
  • Alexis Gueddon Gacio – 3D Sketch Designer

The project

Ron Siglo 1/2

Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Half Century is a gem in the world of premium spirits. Its essence, derived from rums aged for over 50 years, and its maturation process in oak barrels with a history spanning more than nine decades in the city of Santiago, make this rum a masterpiece of Cuban distillation. This product was created in commemoration of the 499th anniversary of the city of Santiago de Cuba, paying tribute to its rich heritage and tradition.

Our goal with this branding project was to highlight the exceptional quality and historical heritage of Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Half Century. we focused on creating a classic and distinguished image that would reflect the sophistication and tradition that characterize this exceptional rum. To achieve this, we used gold and black as the primary colors to convey luxury, elegance, and exclusivity.

The branding concept

A unique experience

Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Siglo 1/2, is designed to be enjoyed during life’s most special moments. Its exceptional flavor seamlessly intertwines with the aromas of fine tobacco, creating an unparalleled sensory experience. This is the essence of what we wanted to convey through our branding project.

At the core of our brand, the label, as a central element, was conceived to be simple and elegant. Its purpose is to reinforce the sense of distinction we aimed to communicate. In the center of this label, the name “Siglo y Medio” shines in white and gold, capturing and encapsulating the essence of this truly unique rum.

In each bottle of Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Siglo y Medio, you will find the promise of an exceptional experience. The combination of refined flavors and captivating aromas invites you to immerse yourself in a sensory journey that celebrates life’s most special moments.

The Packaging

Our goal in designing the packaging for Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Siglo 1/2 was to reflect the excellence and luxury embodied by this premium rum. Every detail of the packaging was meticulously cared for to ensure that the product met the highest standards.

The Box: The outer box is made of elegant golden cardboard that radiates luxury and sophistication. On the surface of the box, we have incorporated patterns that evoke the texture of the oak barrels used in the aging process of the rum. These patterns, in shades of gold and ochre, capture the essence of aging and add a touch of authenticity to the design.

Die-Cut Base for Secure Bottle Placement: To ensure that the bottle remains upright and secure during transportation and display, we have incorporated a die-cut base within the box itself. This base perfectly accommodates the shape of the bottle, keeping it in place and preventing any movement that could damage the contents or the high-quality golden label.

Protective Acrylic Sheet Cover: The outer cover or acrylic sheet box that surrounds the golden box serves as a transparent protective layer. This acrylic sheet is extremely durable and resilient, ensuring that the boxes can be handled and transported without fear of scratches, friction, or damage. Additionally, this transparent cover allows customers to see the golden box and the aging patterns without the need to open the box, adding an element of anticipation and beauty to the product.

Premium Quality in Every Detail: Every aspect of the packaging has been conceived with the idea that the final product meets premium standards. From the choice of materials to the incorporation of design patterns that reflect the essence of the rum, everything has been carefully thought out to convey quality, distinction, and elegance.

In summary, the design process for this packaging for Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Extra Siglo y Medio was an exceptional experience for our design team. It required an in-depth study to find elements and graphic resources that were a reflection of the passion evoked by this exceptional rum and a tribute to the tradition and luxury embodied in each bottle

"Addressing the design of this bottle was a fascinating exercise in balancing aesthetics and functionality, seeking to honor the rich tradition of Cuban rum by endowing it with an image of modernity and simplicity in shape..."

Author, July 2015

some sketches concepts developed
in the search for a conceptual form for the bottle

The final result